July 18, 2024

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Welcome to KSFL Engineering College

The KSFLEC was established in January, 2020 to provide quality education at the bachelor level and equipping students with the acumen to address global challenges of the present and the future days too. The college is affiliated by the University of Rajshahi: a reputed academia since 1953. And English is followed here as the medium of instruction.

The KSFLEC is sponsored privately by Jahara Momtaz Education Foundation (JMEF): a non-profitable organization based at Dinajpur. This famed JMEF was established in 2006 by a group of eminent educationalists sharing the same vision and commitment to promote updated and innovative educational opportunities in the society. The college is one of the vital arenas of such other three noble goals of JMEF: textile, polytechnic and medical institutes providing education at the diploma level.

The visions of the KSFLEC are

v  To provide quality education relevant to the needs of a dynamic society to foster global development by creating a centre of excellence in higher education in producing creative, inspired and responsible experts

v  To inspire students with the means to be skilled and productive resources of the community

v  To offer students with sound academic background either to ensure to enter in the competitive professional job markets or to continue further higher studies

 The missions of the KSFLEC are

v  To provide excellent education focusing on the professional augmentation of students equipping with updated knowledge, skills and attitudes in the quest of the global development

v  To offer an environment for the faculty development ensuring dynamic teaching and creation of new knowledge by escalating research skills

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