Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

The increasing demands for the engineers of EEE need no explanation. The situation in developing countries compared to developed ones is identical. So, to keep pace with the advancement in the field of the electrical and electronic engineering and to provide technical knowledge, efforts are given both in the public and the private sectors to develop human resources in Bangladesh too.

So, the opportunities to pursue academic programs in EEE are now not limited here as were in the past. The EEE education has achieved a tremendous growth due to the fact that the technologies are being updated day by day. Thus, the need of the EEE education is also increasing with its multidisciplinary features.

The Department of EEE in the KSFL Engineering College, Lalbag, Dinajpur is a promising one. It was established in January 2020 to make a logical effort towards achieving the goal to provide quality education of four years at the undergraduate level. The courses in the program are designed to provide students a rigorous academic background on both the fundamental and the achieved aspects of the EEE.

So, students must have a sound basis in the fundamentals of engineering and awareness of socioeconomics, accounting, finance and management too. Thus, such courses are also included harmonically.

In the last two semesters, there will be arrangements for project/thesis work, seminars, visits to related industries and research organizations.

Finally, the department serves the students having the aim to complete the undergraduate degree in EEE.

Career opportunities

This engineering focuses mainly on the analyses, designing, development and manufacturing of electrical equipment, electronic devices, ICT devices, automation, control systems, mechatronic technologies etc. So, they can contribute in diverse fields:

  • Universities, research organizations and industries
  • Power generation and transmission systems
  • Designing circuits, digital devices, electronic memory storage devices, robots, electrically operated vehicles, CNC machines etc.
  • Setting-up and operating telecommunications, wireless and internet networks
  • Technical positions in govt. and non-govt. sectors, industries etc. with management responsibilities
  • Other fields ranging from business, law, medicine, politics, and leadership roles in community and professional circles outside the usual workplaces and many more


To become a dynamic, knowledgeable and technological center of excellence in the field of EEE education to produce competent professionals with research and innovative attitudes and skills for the betterment of the humanity


  • To provide excellence in teaching, research and development activities in the field of EEE in collaboration with academia and industries to generate real innovative and global problem solving skills with professionalisms effectively
  • To support society by taking developmental programs through technology transfer
  • To encourage moral and ethical values among the faculties and students for the betterment of the whole humanity