Message from Principal

Dear Students,

KSFL Engineering College is an ideal centre for acquisition of Engineering Knowledge. We cordially welcome you to the college not only as students but also as our associates.

The courses offered are:

  1. BSc in Textile Engineering.
  2. BSc in Civil Engineering.
  3. BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

We say it emphatically that any of the courses will change the course of your life.

The word `engineering or engineer’ derives its meaning from the Latin words, `ingenerate’ to contrive or invent and ingenious, ability or skill. Etymologically an engineer invents, plans, designs, operates machines, and handles man, material and method. Thus he produces and delivers the goods skillfully and artfully. He influences the market as well. I must add that a professional engineer presents himself in the whole spectrum of Management directly or indirectly.

Our aim is to make TQS (Total Quality Student) to TQP (Total Quality Person). Hence our entire education programmed envisages a Holistic Approach. We do not teach different theories or curricula from others. We only teach differently. We stress more on value-based and pragmatic education than traditional academic education. We apply Associative Learning (AL) Method in teaching.

We guide the students to reach their goals. An educational institution is a fountain of knowledge. Our teachers not only guide the students to the fountain and show them the beautiful pearly drops of water of the fountain, but also make them thirsty to drink the water up to their throat and just not to sip or gargle.

We show the students the path to success which is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. Success is a journey, not a destination. There is no highway to success. We know ‘A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.’ Success results from inspiration, desperation and perspiration. We inspire and persuade the students to achieve their worthy goals through desperation and perspiration. We prepare them to take their courage in both hands and turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. An engineer has to face new situation at every progressive stage of his journey. We prepare our students to face the challenge of the change. We make them to learn to become winners, not losers.

Engineers built the world yesterday, Engineers are building the world today, and Engineers will build and rebuild, shape and reshape the world tomorrow.

  • Be a member of the KSFL Engineering college team.
  • Be a proud winner.
  • Be a professional engineer.
  • Be a successful man.

Md. Moniruzzaman


KSFL Engineering College


(Ex- Director, BTMC)